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Boiler Water Test Kit (HAZ)

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Product Code: DT-BTK001

Test Kit & Instruments

Description Pack Size
Boiler Water Test Kit 1
Extech Conductivity/TDS/Temp Meter 1
Extech pH/Temp Meter 1
Checkit Comparator (Standard) 1
Phosphate HR Disk 1


Description Pack Size
Waterproof Test Instructions 1
65ml Plastic Test Bottle 1
20ml Plastic Standard Syringe 1
10ml Plastic Standard Syringe 1
Sqr 10ml Plastic Comp Test Tubes 5 Pack
Weighted Base & 5 Solution Cups 1
25mm Filter Holder 1
Filter Papers GF/C 50 Pack


Description Pack Size Type
PA1 - Alkalinity P Indicator 1 x 65ml DT
PA2/TA2 - Alkalinity HR Titrant 1 x 65ml DT
TA3 - Alkalinity LR Titrant 1 x 65ml DT
TA4 - Alkalinity M Indicator 1 x 65ml DT
PA3 - 'OH' Alkalinity 1 x 65ml DT
TH2 - Total Hardness Buffer 1 x 65ml DT
TH5 - Total Hardness Indicator 1 x 65ml DT
TH3 - Total Hardness LR Titrant 1 x 65ml DT
Stop/Go Hardness Solution 1 x 65ml DT
BC1/CC1 - Chlorine Indicator 1 x 65ml DT
BC2 - Chlorine HR Titrant 1 x 65ml DT
CC2 - Chloride LR Titrant 1 x 65ml DT
S1 - Sulphite Indicator Powder 1 x 40g DT
S2 - Sulphite Titrant 1 x 65ml DT
PB1 - Phosphate 1 x 65ml CT
PB2 - Phosphate 1 x 65ml CT
Conductivity Std 1413 µS 1 x 65ml STD
pH 4 Buffer Solution 1 x 65ml STD
pH 7 Buffer Solution 1 x 65ml STD
pH 10 Buffer Solution 1 x 65ml STD

The DTK Boiler Water Test Kit is a comprehensive all in one kit for Boiler water testing designed for engineers and professionals. This kit has been designed to include all of the key parameters for monitoring the samples in these water system and ensuring that optimum operating conditions are in effect.

This Boiler Water Test Kit will provide you with accuracy and speed but utilising a drop test and comparator reagents together with electronic meters for the most efficient monitoring of water samples. For a full list of included reagents please see the below table.

All reagents are enclosed in a robust carry case; With all reagents and instruments secured by a high quality chemical resistant foam insert.

Each case contains enough chemical reagents to carry out between 100 and 200 tests.
Failure to carry out regular Boiler Maintenance and maintain the correct levels and dosing of chemical treatments can lead to system corrosion which mean leaks may occur. Scale may form within the system causing blockages within the pipes as well as increased biological activity.

  • Features
  • Ideal for mobile treatment engineers
  • Compact & portable design
  • Easy to follow waterproof instructions
  • Clear product labeling
  • Key treatment parameters included:
    • Conductivity/TDS (0-19,999µS)
    • pH (0.00 - 14.00 pH)
    • Temperature
    • Alkalinity P (0 - 2,400ppm)
    • Alkalinity M (0 - 2,400ppm)
    • Alkalinity OH (0 - 2,400ppm)
    • Hardness Total LR (0 - 50ppm)
    • Hardness Stop/Go (0 - 4ppm)
    • Chloride (0 - 3,000ppm)
    • Sulphite (0 - 150ppm)
    • Phosphate (0 - 80ppm)


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